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Build an "Arsenal of Affirmations"

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

How's your arsenal of affirmations? Check out an affirmation poem I wrote some years go as Miss Plus America 2011!

The Queen's Creed

Back in my pageant days as Miss Plus America 2011 (TX), my state director asked me to write an affirmation pledge that captured the essence of our Texas contestants. I prayed, got into my 'creative space' then wrote,"The Queen's Creed". Since 2011 it has been used throughout different pageant systems and shared in various settings. Initially this was written for pageant queens. However, the creed makes for a nice addition to your arsenal of affirmations. Oh yeah - I suggest you loudly and proudly proclaim the affirmations from this creation. Enjoy!

I shall serve as a guiding light in a world darkened by prejudice

My life is on display and I rise to the occasion

I am a representation of honor, elegance and class

I will use my talents to be a blessing to others

My nobility is not determined by those around me

My ability is greater than I can imagine

I embody the true qualities of royalty

My title does not rule others

My title does not rule me

I will use my title as my sovereign tool to accomplish the unattainable

My strengths are more valuable than my limitations

I determine my level of happiness and I am responsible for my actions

The glow that others see is my beauty shining from the inside

It is a testament of my faith

I have a purpose here on earth

My power is real

My opportunities are abundant

My story is special

My voice matters

My ability to lead is boundless

Because He is King, I reign supreme

Forever and always

I am a Queen

copyright © 2012 Brianna Williams

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